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Our challenging technology for municipal solid waste processing by tromels segregation, eddy current metal separator, ads, plastic separator, stone separator, fine cutting shredders & transfer conveyors, EOT cranes & hydraulic grab buckets etc.

100% segregation
Segregating wet & dry organic from mixed solid waste. and separating, coconut shell, low density plastic, high density plastic, metal parts, stone etc. the dry organic convert into the end product of RDF (Reused Derived Fuel which is ready to use in boilers instead of coal in cement plant & power plant) & wet organic waste is converted into compost & later it is used by farmers.

Solid Waste Management Operations

Cap. 100 TPD at Ramtekdi & 200 TPD at Ambegaon
Process: RDF & Composting

The propose the technology as follows:

  • The bio-degradable and recyclable content of the waste need to be separated through a suitable Segregation/ pre-sorting /Material Recovery Facility (MRF) plant
  • Processing of the biodegradable content of the waste like Aerobic Composting.
  • Processing/Production of the combustible content (i.e. RDF fluff and Plastic etc.) of the waste. (Reused Derived Fuel later is sent to cement factories)
  • Recovering, processing and conditioning of other recyclables as resource conservation.
  • Our goal is to ensure up to 80-90 % rate of recycling and restrict landfill disposal to less than 20% of the total. (To be transported by Municipal Corporation to Scientific Landfill for further Disposal)